Business solutions may or may not include IT modifications.

Despite our dependence on and widespread use of technology, human resources are the business.
They represent the company to the outside world with human interactions such as customer service
and in some cases, like IT personnel, they create the internet presence that also reflects the company
image. Some of these IT people can also devastate business with programming or design errors or by not
following proper procedures. Remember the Target security fiasco?

From L Wells president of Stellar Solutions.

I began my IT career in 1970 with a top 20 accounting firm.
I worked in many industries as an employee and consultant in companies from a few million to over a billion dollars in sales.
I evaluated hundreds of resumes and corrected bugs or improved other company’s software.
Unfortunately as an officer in a company, I had to layoff multiple people. It was not my decision.
In another situation I discovered that a programmer was inept. This person was working on an important project at the time.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Most companies do not spend enough time up front to properly evaluate prospective employees.
I have also noticed that many in upper management are clueless about their employees and the work that they do.

I had the great fortune to work with the top people all the way down to the lowliest.
I have run my own business and I know what it takes to keep a business running and to improve it.