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L. Wells Bio

Solving problems and creative solutions are my specialties.
Hence “A Stellar Solution.”

Began advanced education as a math major.
First computer classes in 1968.
Programmer trainee October 1970, top twenty accounting firm.
IBM Systems Analysis Design School 1972.
Began functioning as a programmer analyst, systems analyst & consultant.
Maintained technical savvy throughout IT career.
Programming languages: Assembler, Cobol, PL/I, RPG (all versions), APL, Fortran, Basic to Visual Basic, C, some Python.
Telecommunications from early days of proprietary EDI to current.
EDI from early IBM midrange to PC. Sterling Commerce Software. Week training class at Sterling HQ.

Taught college level computer science in late seventies.

Business experience:

First job at top twenty accounting firm provided a broad range of exposure.
My consulting career began in 1981. I applied my prior experience and accounting classes.
I became an employee of several customers, long & short term.
I was VP of Administration in a $ 25 million company in mid 80’s.
I represented 3 customers in Manhattan over about 15 years.

I ran my own small consulting company in the mid 80’s and again beginning in 1993.
I have been self employed since then.

My customers had revenues of from several million to 1 billion +.

One of the highlights of my IT career was coproject leader of the Y2K project of the billion + customer.
This project was completed successfully ahead of schedule.
I was the highest ranking outsider (consultant).
I discovered a major design flaw left by an analyst who had recently departed.
This happened just before the scheduling of the Y2K project.
The fix was woven into the main project.
I wrote the CYA customer letter for the Y2K effort to assuage any fears or concerns. My recommendation was that an attorney do so. My advice was overriden.

In 2002 I began learning the nuts & bolts of web design & SEO.
Since then I have operated a number of successful websites & blogs.
I have assisted a few small businessmen with their internet presence.
I have used and recommended WordPress Software.

In the late 90’s I began some small time real estate investing & obtained a real estate salesperson license for the knowledge.
I eventually bought more property and obtained a broker license.
I functioned as my own general contractor and designed, pulled permits and did much of the labor for a major cottage addition at the Outer Banks.

My interest in energy really began as a child with my fascination with magnetism.
In the seventies I researched passive solar and energy efficiency techniques for homes.
In recent years I have gotten more involved with energy interests and have a functioning wind generator & small motorcyle electrical conversion.
I have experimented with passive solar collectors.
I am currently doing more research on grid tie solar.

I have also gotten back into gardening in a big way.
My first greenhouse worked well this past winter & I have plans for more elaborate and efficient ones this year.

By most measures I have had a sucessful career(s).
However, if asked of what I am most proud of or pleased with myself about I would have to say taking care of my children.